Euphoric Consciousness

After all, you are "The Master of your Fate, the Captain of Your Soul."

Fear Is The Mind Killer

Euphoric Consciousness was launched on July 22, 2021 by the founder of the YouTube channel Euphoric Consciousness. Over the past few years, the Yes Theory Group used the phrase Seek Discomfort to push themselves. "It was a constant reminder that the only way to grow was to do things that made them uncomfortable." Ultimately seeking discomfort leads to comfort. Imagine yourself in a situation that has your entire focus, shocked with euphoria, think of your first love without the ill will... That feeling you had still existed within your body; it is who you are, and these experiences lead to growth. Euphoric Consciousness is a reminder to be ever-present. To always seek discomfort, knowing you will gain more than you could ever imagine, and gain isn't materialistic...

Over the course of two years, we have faced a "pandemic" that has caused more internal pain than sickness. This "pandemic" created a true pandemic of mental health, economic failure, food shortages, and above all freedom of thought. Euphoric Consciousness will not stay quiet in fear of being censored, nor will our image be tainted by the very people who can't think for themselves. We intend to spread the message of truth and love to all the people within this world, some may not like but for the people who choose to live in peace, welcome :)

#euphoriconsciousness is more than a brand; it is a family of love. Ultimately, we hope the clothing can speak to people, almost like the butterfly effect...

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With each piece of clothing you are contributing to the liberty of psychological independence

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