A short story about God, Fear, and Illusions

I left my home, and it's the scariest thing I've done. Most people seem to move on relatively quickly, but it was the complete opposite for me. Or it could be people hide their emotions in fear of judgment. Regardless, the truth is, change does not come easy, and it never will. I didn't know what to expect when I impulsively left my home in an ambulance that chugs diesel-like nothing I've seen before. I shortly "realized" that I was in over my head. I became so fearful of what I was going to do to support myself in a time of economic freefall. It's human nature to create emotions, but that very nature is misunderstood in so many ways. We should not worry about things we can not control as that attracts no control. We create illusions in our minds, which take away from our true purpose in life. At the same time, we need these illusions to learn, evolve, and understand who we are as independent beings. It is incredibly vital to our life force to create these situations of uncertainty because it creates the foundation of who you will be. Source has a magical way of showing itself to you, and the following part of this blog will be a short story, telling you how the source is near all of us if you choose to seek it. When I wrote this, this story began yesterday as I was adventuring in finding a place to sleep for the night. Finding a place to sleep in a wealthy town is very difficult for those who don't know as they don't allow you to park in any Walmarts, etc. It was around 5 P:M and I started getting extremely anxious. Thoughts crossed my mind, such as, "I will never find a place to sleep in an area like this." "I'm gonna lose all my money if I have to stay at campgrounds." "This is miserable, and I want to go home." You know exactly how that feels; these thoughts pop into all our minds at some point in our lives. All while seeking God, asking source to guide me, protect me, give me light so I can find comfort. Eventually, I broke down as I pulled into a Planet Fitness, and I sat in my van, just letting my tears run freely. After not crying for months, it felt amazing to let that energy go. It freed me from all that fear and anxiety I had bottled in. Magically a man came to my door and passed me a card saying, "God loves you, my friend, do not worry as everything is going to be okay." I do not believe in coincidences; this life is far too complex for something random to happen. The guy walked away and ended up coming back to me and asking to pray over me. Of course, I said yes. After the prayer, I hugged him, and that was it. This is even better because I had two people praying for me far away. Both prayed that God would send someone to comfort me, to let me know that all my worries and fears would be taken away from me... Interestingly, it was two people who prayed for me, as 2 is my number :) This story expresses to you guys that even in the darkest of times where it feels like all is lost, we have a divine source of energy that is right by our side. When you allow yourself to quiet your mind, you will hear source so loudly, and source will even show itself to you! You must trust that everything is going to be okay. After all my worry, I found a place to sleep, let alone for the following number of days. We create so much chatter in our heads that we forget source will provide everything and anything to you. After all the negativity i put out, it was all a lesson for me in the end. I hope you can take my simple story and apply the truth to your life. Source has more than enough for you to be more than okay! Source is ever-present, and fear is a choice you make.

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