A memoir to those in pain

Time is neither fact nor fiction. It is just a concept that man has given to keep order in a sense. Time can be ever magical or a place of misery, but only the one who acknowledges this gets to decide. More often than not, we gravitate towards misery for many reasons known and unknown. I find comfort in this, which may seem odd, but think about it. We still have a choice to choose magic over misery, and that in itself is enough to pull me out of the darkest times. Worry less about time, and focus more on the magic you can create within your mind. You are beautifully and wonderfully made no matter what life throws at you, as you are unique in your own way. The path you are on can be seen as torment or a simple lesson, and only you can decide this. So I say change your reasoning to love and light, and you will rid yourself of this pain. I say you have every life-given right to become a person of abundance and prosperity. I say it is time for you to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, "everything is going to be ok; I am free, I am in control, and I will seize the day!"

With so much love, I pass it onto you
Euphoric Consciousness -

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