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You are not crazy. You feel frustrated for a reason; you feel stuck for a reason. You feel so pissed off because you are not where you're meant to be. It doesn't matter if you have family or lifelong friends. They are not on the same path as you.

Come to terms with who you are before it eats you alive. You are you for a reason, and anything that tells you otherwise is the very thing that holds you back.

You are beautiful.
You are intelligent.
You are divine.
You are an anomaly SENT to change the mindless cycle that creates numbness.

Stop fighting the reason for your presents in this life. You have seen it before. You would not have all these feelings if you hadn't experienced it before, trust in that... The idea that you have been here before goes against everything you know, or maybe it doesn't. Whatever the case, let yourself change the very course of humanity.

There is neither a beginning nor an end; there is only then, now, and the unknown... Be present with who you are, and the unknown will become the known. Through the idea of time, you will understand the very purpose of the conscious life that you are living.

With much love and consciousness,
Euphoric Consciousness

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