what is the universal force?

Do you ever notice how in every movie, there is a foreshadow of the force, spiritual guides, christ consciousness, etc? They want you to overlook the fact that there truly is a force around all of us and within us. A force called the "Law of Vibration ."

Star Wars is the biggest of them all, a movie of good and evil where both possess the knowledge to harness vibrational manipulation. It is not that they are gifted being a Jedi; they are trained from birth to tap into such powers that the world has to offer us. Yes, it is possible to harness the world's vibrational energy to do irregular actions. Call me crazy, but you just simply don't understand. We are in an era of information control, an era that takes our history away from us and gives us a mockup of an alternate reality. Think about monks in all their forms; many have unlocked hidden abilities that allow them to do unexplainable things. Yes, some monks are fake, but a real monk or someone capable won't show it to the world. They simply can not, and even if they did, the mass wouldn't believe it. There are, in fact, monks who can harness the energy and create fire through their hands. Some people can harness the energy like an air bender and manipulate the wind to become more aggressive or become less aggressive. At the end of the day, there is a vibrational law within us, waiting to be used for the better.
For more regular people such as you and me, we can vibrate at a certain frequency to create the desired outcome in life. Just like Jedis meditating for internal peace and control, we can do the exact same as them. The same force that drove them in their lives is the same force that drives our life. Every day we all wake up having this weird feeling calling us to do certain things, and most of us push that feeling away. The more you push it away, the harder it is to retain that. Keep that feeling close, get personal with it and really test what it is. Your body is on autopilot all the time, collecting data from our everyday consciousness. This "force" becomes more present and understands the things you need as an individual through the information collected. Once you trust this "force," magical things can start to happen.
Trusting is the only way to find what you're looking for, as doubt creates uncertainty. Doubt is of the weak. Doubt is only found in people who don't have what it takes to take full control of your life. We all have this voice for a reason; become intimate with it, understand it, and apply it. Before you know it, you are becoming the most optimal version of yourself, which is truly rewarding.

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