self-limiting thoughts are destroying you

Positive thoughts spoken aloud carry 10x more power than those left as thoughts, meaning, you need to have intention. Negative thoughts can act as a multiplier in the scenario, 4-7 times to be exact.
Many people nowadays are so caught up with negative thoughts, saying terrible things internally and externally—both a driving force to rip you off the tracks of enlightenment. When you have thoughts like, "I did so bad on that, I can't, another time, no, I'm going just to watch some entertainment," you are driving straight into the tree. I completely understand how you feel. I was there for a very long time. I know how it feels to be in limbo. Just remember that your subconscious adapts 95% of the brain; you only need 5% for action... Take advantage of this. You have to start programming your subconscious mind to be the person you desire to be. You need to adapt the characteristics of the person you want to be.
By adapting the characteristics you want to be, you will form into a new person. You will slowly start to be on the right frequency where the vibrations of your thoughts and actions will shift according to what you know. An example, "I can't afford that Tesla," say, "I can buy two Teslas if I want." This might sound dumb, but your life will carry out those thoughts because of the Law of Vibration. It truly is a fantastic thing to be aware of. Think of it as a cheat code if you want.
Now that you understand how thoughts and actions work, enough of the self-limiting thoughts and more of the confirmation thoughts. You are the creature of your reality, do not create a reality not worth living...

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