all the same

All of us in the world are all the same. There is not one thing that differentiates us within the mind. We all have the same molecular makeup, the same vibration makeup; all of it is the same. The only thing that separates one who possesses enlightenment, verse someone who doesn't is their mindset.
Some people are born differently and do not possess the ability to think consciously in the ways of an average person. There are no limitations for the mass that possess the ability of consciousness from one person to another; it is all the same. Some are born better than others, some born in the worse circumstance, but our minds are vibration at the end of the day. We can not see the vibrations being emitted, and we can not see the vibrations of a frog, yet they are there.
Adapt the mental state of one who is vibrationally on the right path. What this is, is quite simple. Thoughts and actions are forms of energy controlled by the subconscious mind. The bad thing about this is that our subconscious is run in the background where you don't think about it. Over some time, your actions create a particular lifestyle that suits each of your choices. So what you put out is what you will get in return. Eat shitty food, drink a lot, watch entertainment; you are going to be lazy. You won't perform at a high level, and you won't have time to focus on what's important. You will be in autopilot. You are eating healthy, working out, creating something, making money. You are in an enlightened vibrational state. You are in this enlightened vibrational state because your actions and thoughts were always aligned with being the best person you possibly could be.
My words of deep encouragement and love are to take action. No matter who you are as an individual, you can become the most tangible version of who you want to be. I am so proud of you, and I know for a fact you can truly make anything happen. Life is short, and so are thoughts, take action now so you will have much to look back onto :)

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